Pixel IV

59.8 grams (lightest version, see text)

100% Carbon

2-4 minutes autonomy

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Pixel IV  is now 100% carbon fiber, including fully molded main and tailrotorblades. Development went quite easy. As usual the most difficult step was to find the equilibrium between stability and maneuverability. I had set my target to beat 75 grams. Compared to Pixel II at 99 grams this seems to be almost impossible. When I finished it, and when I made it fly at 59.8 grams, I thought there was something wrong with my micro-balance. I checked on the other one and got the same weight. To be honest, I should mention that this low weight only gives me 1min30sec of autonomy. However, at 66.6 grams, with a slightly bigger battery, I fly almost 3 minutes. At 70 grams, I get 3minutes30 and more depending on the state of the battery. This is the first Pixel that I pushed into fast (well on it's level I mean) forward flight and it is doing great. It is the first Pixel as well that I lost out of sight! It disappeared under my transmitter tray! when flying close to me.

Enjoy the pictures!


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This is a not yet completely finished frame. The clear transparent canopy was later replaced with a full carbon one. Reason: weight of course This picture is taken in my office. As you can see there is a harbor in the background. Great view.
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The harbor and the beautiful ancient ships passing by from to to time, inspired my to make a mahogany like wooden box to transport Pixel IV. It took me almost as much to make the box than to make Pixel. Finishing is with handmade messing hinges, gold on carbon  'Pixel' name label and a glossy finish with antiques wax (no varnish). Lots of polishing was required The jewel in the box. Inside finish is with red and blue special tissue.
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Watch my hand to have an idea of size. My next Pixel will be even smaller, and may fit in my wallet. Am I bluffing? Maybe. Pixel 4 waiting to catch a jumping goldfish (or vice-versa)